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Texas Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Education Program

Riparian areas, or zones, are an extremely crucial and vital ecosystem, which occur along watercourses or at the edge of water bodies. The common presence and effects of water produce a lusher, generally greener, belt of vegetation, which causes riparian areas to be among the most productive and important of all land types.

Riparian and stream ecosystem degradation is common in Texas' rural and municipal landscapes due to natural and man-induced disturbances. Increases in human population along with industrial, commercial and residential development place heavy demands on stream corridors.

Riparian education programs are needed to improve the management of these sensitive and vital ecosystems. Through the Texas Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Education Program, TWRI has partnered with the Texas Riparian Association, USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife and many other partners to provide and deliver educational programs about the nature and function of riparian zones and vegetation, their benefits, local technical resources and best management practices (BMPs) for protecting them. Through education, landowners and other citizens can improve their management of riparian and stream ecosystems, which will reduce nonpoint source pollution (NPS) and provide tremendous ecosystem service benefits and direct economic benefits to communities.

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  • Workshops & Trainings: Promote healthy watersheds and improve water quality through riparian and stream ecosystem education programs with a focus on priority watersheds
  • Outreach: Increase citizen awareness, understanding and knowledge of the nature and function of riparian zones, their benefits and BMPs to protect them and minimize NPS pollution
  • Online Tools: Enhance interactive learning opportunities for riparian education across the state and establish a larger, more informed citizen base working to improve and protect local riparian and stream ecosystems
  • Technical and Financial Resources: Connect landowners with local technical and financial resources to improve management and promote healthy watersheds and riparian areas on their land


Texas Water Resources Institute
Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board
Texas Riparian Association
Texas A&M Forest Service
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Nueces River Authority
Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Ecosystem Science and Management Department
Texas Tech University Llano River Field Station

Funding Agencies

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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